The lampshade designs are base on spherical regular polyhedra and use some of the inherent properties they contain.
Arboca, Canela, Mora and Zafra are made from quadrilateral tiles which link together by their adjacent sides. Each tile is made up from 2 triangles like a diamond shape with edges made to enable them to lock together.
CANELA is based on an ICOSAHEDRON. The ICOSA has 20 triangles, so CANELA is made form 10 tiles. icosahedron
MORA is based on a RHOMBIC DODECAHEDRON. It is made from 12 tiles. Rombic Dodecahedron
ARBOCA is based on a TWO FREQUENCY ICOSAHEDRON and is made from 30 tiles. 2 freaquency icosa
ZAFRA is a stretched ICOSAHEDRON with a extra band in the middle. It's made from 30 triangles and so ZAFRA is made from 15 tiles. Unlike the illustration, ZAFRA is spherical. Streched Icosa
SWIRLA, TEMPRA and MARANA are based on the ICOSAHEDRON'S circles. SWIRLA and TEMPRA use 6 strips (green), and MARANA uses 6 and 10 strips. 6 & 10 circles of the Icosahedron
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