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TENSEGRITY is a term used by Buckminster Fuller to describe an unconventional approach to structure and a reversal of our standard perception. What appears to be a compacted solid structure is in fact a suspended structure, its form derived from tension and compression held in a harmonic arrangement.
This table, made for a shop, ended up with a double glass layer top with internal display area. The top is resting on the ends of three of the struts, but the bottom of these struts don't touch the ground. The other three struts are touching the ground but none of the struts touch each other. The load is transferred between them via tension rods (bicycle spokes).The struts are in fact being pulled apart, but as the forces are distributed by the regular symmetry of the structure it holds itself as a whole in equilibrium. These tables are absolutely solid with no wobbles, and can easily hold a person's weight. The arrangement is based on an ICOSAHEDRON where pairs of struts pass through the solid and link the ends of opposite sides/apices.
This table is a smaller version made with a round top, design as a coffee/feature table. It is 40cm in height and has a top of 80cm diam.
This TENSEGRITY model is made from 60 equal struts and 180 tensile wires all of equal lengths. It is hanging from a post outside (hence the wildlife) and is approx. 80cm wide. None of the struts touch and like the tables are being pulled apart.
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