I have designed a variety of lampshades to be hung on 5mm pendant light cords.
They are made from Polypropylene which is flexible and washable. The designs are based on regular geometric polyhedra, which gives them harmonic symmetry. All designs are made in TRANSPARENT [for general lighting], and OPAQUE white [for atmospheric/mood lighting]. Click on an image to see details.

Swirla lampshade Morano lampshade Tempra lampshade
Mora lampshade Canela lampshade ZAFRA lampshade
  Arboca lampshade  

Some designs are made from woven strips based on ‘the great circles’ of a spherical Icosahedron.  Want to find out more ?....

Others are based on modular pieces that interlock together. The inspiration for these came from the IQ lightTM designed by Holger Strøm. http://www.iqlight.com/  I have adapted the principle of how they lock together and have developed other designs based on regular polyhedral solids.