Available boxed or in DIY self assembly kit
TEMPRA lampshade

This lampshade has a unique design based on a spherical polyhedron. [see design details] It has been designed to hang on a 5mm pendant lighting cord and can be fitted in seconds. An opening is incorporated at the base which provides down lighting and access to the bulb. It's size is 34cm in diameter.

Tempra is available in Opaque White and Semi-Transparent finish, built and ready to hang, or in a DIY kit form with instructions.

Opaque White:  Shows off its dynamic patterns when light is passing through it. This finish is ideally suited to atmospheric mood lighting as the material cuts out approximately 50% of the light source. [as illustrated]

Semi-Transparent:  Here the patterns made by overlapping parts are visible at all times, but become more pronounced when light passes through it. This finish allows appprox. 95% of the light source to pass through, providing good general lighting.

Tempra lightshade Tempra lightshade
Tempra lightshade
Tempra lightshade